The first edition of The Profitable Trade Show by Michael Hough ...
is now sold out. But we are working on the next edition which we hope to publish in late 2004. Meanwhile, this web site provides practical, "how-to" information for all who produce face to face events such as exhibitions, trade shows and conferences.

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White Papers
White papers are more in-depth discussions of topics such as "Avoiding Attrition Penalties" and "Improving the Association Show." Click here for a complete list of White Papers.

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Large Show Roundtable

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Profit Tips Index

  1. Achieve Quality Profits
  2. Have a Unique Rationale
  3. Avoid Attendance Deficit Disorder
  4. Don't Do "Integrated Marketing"
  5. Make $ on Your Conference
  6. Do a Pro Forma During Site Selection
  7. More on Integrated Marketing
  8. Do E-Marketing Right
  9. Don't Do a Show Daily
  10. Improve Your Verification Rate
  11. Move Your Show or Plant It
  12. Charge Admission On-Site
  13. More on E Marketing
  14. Never Sign an Attrition Clause
  15. Involve the Salespeople
  16. Audit Your Attendance
  17. Assist the Sales Team
  18. Control Conference Costs
  19. Overpopulate Your Show
  20. Tips on Pricing
  21. Public Relations Tips
  22. List Hygiene
  23. More on Privacy
  24. Sales Tips
  25. Trade on Value
  26. Too Many Attendees?
  27. Gear Up to Sell Sponsorships
  28. Collecting Booth Fees
  29. Attend Association Meetings
  30. Shorten that E-mail Newsletter
  31. Managing the Floor Plan
  32. Website Tips
  33. Conceptual Proofing
  34. Non-Exhibitors as Sponsors
  35. Access to the Floor
  36. Use Water Torture
  37. Cut Back on Direct Mail
  38. Questions from Readers
  39. Live Internet Feed?
  40. More on E-marketing
  41. Conceptual Proofing
  42. Marketing vs Sales
  43. Setting the Booth Price
  44. Dates to Avoid
  45. Tips for You
  46. How to Value a Show
  47. Tips to Reduce No-Shows
  48. Set Prospecting Goals For Sales
  49. How to Get the Dates You Want
  50. What Others Charge for Sponsorships
  51. Effective E-Newsletters
  52. Create a Sense of Urgency
  53. Attendance Promotion is a Team Effort
  54. Mistakes Associations Make
  55. The Future of the Exhibition Industry
  56. Attendance Promotion
  57. Improving Cash Flow
  58. Latest on Sponsorships
  59. Financial Benchmarks
  60. Power Buyers
  61. Splitting Revenues/Profits
  62. Renewal Selling
  63. 15 Attendance Promotion Tips
  64. Manage Expectations
  65. How to Cope
  66. Registration is a Marketing Function
  67. Cull the Losers
  68. Attracting Attendees in Tough Times
  69. Retaining Exhibitors in Tough Times
  70. Launch a New Show?
  71. More on Attendance Promotion
  72. Mega Trend #1 - The Three C's
  73. Better Security
  74. More Tips
  75. Mega Trend #2 - A New Profit Model
  76. Insurance
  77. Mega Trend #3 - The New Paradigm
  78. Be More Relevant
  79. 15 Cost-Saving Tips
  80. Getting Fresh Attendees
  81. Selling - The New Reality
  82. 15 E-Marketing Tips
  83. Plan Now for 2003
  84. Be the Celebration of Your Industry
  85. Support From an In-House Magazine
  86. More Attendees This Year
  87. Top Ten Reasons Why Shows Fail
  88. Top Ten Reasons Why Shows Fail
  89. Institutional Memory
  90. Improve Your Verification Rate
  91. Assist the Sales Team
  92. Internet Dos and Don'ts
  93. Always/Nevers
  94. Do a Pro Forma During Site Selection
  95. Latest on Promotion
  96. Be Nice
  97. Latest Sales Tips
  98. Key Buyer Program
  99. Had a Bad Show?
  100. More Do's/Don'ts
  101. Launching a New Show
  102. Discounting the Booth Rate
  103. Telemarketing
  104. Drop an Exhibit Day?
  105. Attrition Clauses
  106. Sell Flexibly
  107. Attendance Promotion Tips
  108. Controlling Conference Expenses
  109. Rejuvenating a Mature Show
  110. Primer on E-mail Marketing
  111. PR Rather Than Advertising
  112. Miscellaneous Tips
  113. The Final Day
  114. Your Virtual Presence
  115. Reinvent Your Show
  116. Benchmarks
  117. Visas for International Visitors
  118. Super Buyers
  119. Sales Techniques
  120. Cost-Cutting Tips
  121. The Strong Show Manager
  122. Attendance Promotion Principles (Part I)
  123. Attendance Promotion Principles (Part II)
  124. A Packed Exhibit Hall
  125. Avoiding Attrition Penalties
  126. More on E-Marketing
  127. Keeping Exhibitors Happy
  128. Outside the Box
  129. Top Ten Reasons Why Shows Fail (Part I)
  130. Top Ten Reasons Why Shows Fail (Part II)
  131. Attendance Promotion is a Team Effort
  132. Registration is a Marketing Function
  133. Tips to Reduce No-Shows
  134. Marketing vs Sales
  135. The Successful Exhibition
  136. Create a Sense of Urgency
  137. Improving Cash Flow
  138. Latest on E-mail Marketing

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