Tip 106: Sell Flexibly

Particularly in these times, provide whatever an exhibitor prospect wants and will pay for.  Don't think you can only sell floor space in 10x10 increments or 10x20 banners.

  • What if they only want a place to meet with their customers or good prospects?  Rent them a meeting room, on or off the floor.

  • Do they want intimate, one-on-one exposure to only top prospects?  Sell them the exclusive sponsorship to your Key Buyer reception.

  • Do they want to stand out?  Sell them the hard-to-peddle, 9x12x15 triangle at the front corner of the show.

And the big question—should you sell sponsorships to non exhibitors?  Yes.  Make them an exhibitor by including a complimentary 10x10 as part of their sponsorship.  If they don't want to staff this booth, lounge it with a sign "Courtesy of ...".