Tip 112: Miscellaneous Tips

Here are some tips from "100 Tips in 75 Minutes" which is a session at this year's IAEM Annual Meeting in Orlando (Wednesday, December 11 at 1:45 p.m.).  Hope to see you there.  For more information on this event, see www.iaem.org.

  • Take a risk each year/each show to showcase something new and exciting within your industry.

  • Give attendees a significant free benefit for registering far in advance.

  • Charge more for booth space at the front of the hall.

  • Use media to moderate conference sessions; this will ensure they attend the show.

  • Never talk about specific booth assignments with an exhibitor until you receive the paperwork with payment.

  • Make it easy for your exhibitors to bring lots of people to the show.

  • Have your attendance figures certified.

  • Post top 20 FAQ's with answers on your show website.

  • Invent deadlines to create more opportunities to contact potential exhibitors.

  • Declare victory after your show or conference; you can set the tone!

  • Be paranoid—never take your eye off the competition and other potential threats.