Tip 118: Super Buyers

As we have said, you should spend considerable effort on convincing your industry's super buyers to actually come to your show. To illustrate, these are the 300 individuals who buy 72% of all widgets. These are truly VIP attendees and they are very important to the success of your show.

The first step is to identify them by name with full contact information. Do this yourself and do not rely on outside sources who may not have up-to-date information. Assign someone to oversee this year round.

Second, create reasons for them to come, such as a private roundtable exclusively for super buyers—they must be on the list to get in the door. Being able to smooze with their peers is a powerful incentive to come.

Next, treat them royally, such as providing limo pickup at the airport, an exclusive meeting room/lounge at the show, etc. But do encourage them to go on the floor, such as by having exclusive exhibit hall hours just for them.

Finally, consider covering part or all of their expenses, including their spouse/companion. For example, give them a comp room. But pay only if they show up and agree to participate appropriately in show activities (similar to what high rollers have to do in Las Vegas).

Yes, this effort is expensive in dollars and staff time—but it will pay off in spades.