Tip 120: Cost-Cutting Tips

Controlling costs continues to be a priority in these times. However, you should not jeopardize the inherent quality of your show for short-term savings; cut fat and not bone. Some suggestions:

  1. Printing/mailing promotion material. First, reduce the number and size of the pieces you print/mail. To illustrate, if you normally mail 75,000 of a 48-page brochure, try to:

  2. Also, plan ahead and gang print all your pieces at one time. Finally, use standard sizes (in multiples of 8-1/2 x 11).

  3. Handout material.  Instead of printing a thick book containing the conference presentations, distribute a CD-ROM. One show was spending $25 for a printed handout; the CD-ROM was half that.
  4. Outsource. Outsource any function that is not fully surcharged year round—for example, web master, floor management, conference content, etc. There are many qualified consultants who are happy to take on these tasks.
  5. Decoration. Even if your show decoration is "free", control your impulse to transform the hall into a Polynesian fantasy. Instead, use your credits to save money on required things such as signage.
  6. Internet connection. Do not provide a live internet connection for any conference session.