Tip 122: Attendance Promotion Principles (Part I)

Over the next two weeks, we will be discussing the Ten Attendance Promotion Principles that successful shows are using to attract qualified attendees:

  1. Under Promise and Over Perform. Announce you will attract 5000 attendees and actually deliver 6000, rather than promising 10,000 and delivering "only" 6000. (Note, it is the same show but the former is a success while the latter is not). Also, surprise your exhibitors by actually having highly qualified buyers on the floor.

  2. Content is King. Create unique, high quality content that prospects can access only at your show. This applies to the paid conference as well as free sessions such as the Keynote(s). Also be sure to highlight the truly innovative products on the exhibit floor—this is also part of the show's content.

  3. Know Your Target Audience. Who is your target audience and what do they want at a face-to-face event? Then deliver it. Also, be sure your database is comprehensive and allows you to reach specific segments of your audience.

  4. Take a Holistic Approach. There are many, many steps needed to turn out an appropriate number of qualified buyers at your event. Be sure you have the staff and resources to do them all.

  5. Reach Out. Be the total celebration of your industry. Bring everyone into your tent—associations, trade magazines, industry gurus and even your competitors.