Tip 129: Top Ten Reasons Why Shows Fail (Part I)

Now is a good time to break the mold for your show. Many other shows are being labeled as a waste of time and resources by both attendees and exhibitors. Be different, stand out from the crowd, place yourself outside the box.

Over the next two weeks, we will count down the top ten reasons why shows fail:

#10 - The sales people and/or the marketing staff do not really know the market served by the show. You must own all facets of your industry.

#9 - The powers that be (CEO, Association's volunteer Board of Directors) mandate that the show/convention be located in East Overshoe. Locate your show where it will draw the maximum number of qualified buyers.

#8 - The show's database (both attendee and exhibitor) is neglected and not enough effort is put into continually feeding it and keeping it up to date. This is the most important asset you have—invest the time and resources to maintain it.

#7 - The show emphasizes attendee quantity over quality. Or the show emphasizes attendee quality over quantity. You must do both.

#6 - The major effort is spent promoting to prospects who will never come to the show rather than those who will (such as past attendees and inquirers). Remember that the fourth contact with a warm prospect is better than the first contact with someone who does not know you.