Tip 130: Top Ten Reasons Why Shows Fail (Part II)

(continued from last week)

#5 - Marketing relies too heavily on a single attendee promotion tactic (such as e-marketing). You must use a holistic approach, including developing relationships (see #2), targeted PR, plus a "Chinese water torture" direct marketing effort.

#4 - Too much profit is skimmed from the show, thus not allowing enough investment to grow it and keep it relevant. Every show needs an R&D budget to keep it ahead of what the market wants.

#3 - The exhibitors perceive that show management has only one goal: maximize the profit from the show. Profit is good, but not in lieu of customer (exhibitor) satisfaction.

#2 - The show has poor relations with the movers and shakers in its industry (associations, magazines, gurus). No show can be an island— work on getting active support from everyone who influences your industry.

#1 - The market turns left while the show continues straight ahead. Always keep scanning the horizon to see where your industry is going—then get there first.