Tip 15: Involve the Salespeople

Often salespeople put most of their energy and effort into bringing in new business. But the sale is not all that matters; a good salesperson will get involved in a broad range of show issues to improve their knowledge, become a champion and contribute to the big picture.

Good salespeople realize that they succeed only if the total show succeeds. Thus, they work with the marketing department to encourage their clients to help drive attendance. They suggest "hot topic" sessions for the conference program. They help identify associations and magazines that could support the show. They keep alert for ways to "build the buzz." Salespeople are generally the closest to the market, so they represent your best source of intelligence—trends, who is doing what, the state of the show and so forth.

Tap into this intelligence. For a win-win situation, bring your salespeople into discussions about attendance promotion, conference planning, at-show set up rules, and even venue location.