Tip 39:  Live Internet Feed? 

If your conference sessions do not have to be live on the Internet, why provide the connection? The cost can be enormous and far too frequently the technology fails because these connections are not totally reliable in hotels and convention centers. Going "live" too often shifts the attention from the content of the program to the quality of the connection.

What if you didn't offer a live Internet connection? One show has handled this problem by issuing this memo to their speakers:

In the past XYZ Expo has encountered numerous instances of slow or dropped internet connections due to the inherent telecommunications problems in most convention centers. This has caused unacceptable problems for the presenter and the attendees.
Therefore, we have decided to no longer provide a live Internet connection for any session. Please load sample Web site pages onto your computer before you leave for the show. Thank you.

If you can't go that far, at least try to limit the number of live connections you provide.

Errata: Apologies to Jerry van Dijk (page 3) and Francis Friedman (page 15) for spelling their names wrong in the book.