Tip 50: What Others Charge for Sponsorships

A recent survey of 29 shows found these average charges (per 1000 verified attendees) for:

  1. Full-page, 4-color ad for Show Directory: $400

  2. One-sided, average-size banner (150-250 sf): $440

  3. Badge necklace: $510

  4. Official show bag: $640

  5. Stuffing one item into the show bag: $270

Note: Where appropriate, the price excluded the cost of producing and/or installing the item.

To compute for your show, multiply the figure by your verified attendance divided by 1000. To illustrate, for a 5000 verified attendance show, the average price for a one-sided banner would be $440 x 5 or $2200.

However, Nancy Largay of Penton Media says there are no absolute formulas for pricing sponsorships. She suggests these questions: