Tip 59: Financial Benchmarks

The Society of Independent Show Organizers (SISO) has released the results of its 2000 Financial Statistics Survey. One finding that jumps out is size does count! Smaller shows (under 25,000 NSF) make less gross profit than larger shows (over 150,000 NSF): 38.4% vs. 60.8%. They spend more on promotion per verified attendee ($87.57 vs. $26.14) and they generate less revenue per sales person ($714,735 vs. $2,240,405). All are average figures. The highest expense item was Operations (17.5%) followed by Attendee Promotion (12.3%). This is a percent of total revenue, expressed as an average for all shows reported. Also, medical shows fared very well:

The report is available to non participants for $395 till September 1 (SISO members) or for $995 (non members). To obtain the report, go to www.siso.org or call (708)361-0900.