Tip 62: Renewal Selling

Here are some suggestions on how to manage your renewal selling process. First, establish a clear definition so you can measure your results. Define "renewal" as re-signing this year's exhibitors within 60 days of the show (after that it becomes "retention"). And be sure that re-sign requires a signed contract plus a deposit (25 to 50%).

The renewal cycle seems to be starting earlier and earlier. One very large show starts 16 months out and has most booth assignments completed by this year's show. More tips:

Finally, in these economic times consider being flexible with exhibitors who may be having temporary financial difficulties. For example, many shows are not being hard-nosed if an exhibitor drops out for a year—they do not lose their priority points.

Thanks to Claire Kilcoyne and Eileen Oswald who mentioned many of these points at the 2001 SISO Executive Conference.