Tip 7: Sales Tips

Tip #4 (Don't Do "Integrated Marketing") generated dissenting views from several show producers who said the best way to maximize revenue is to offer package deals through one sales contact. Not true, according to those who are most successful at this. Selling booth space and selling sponsorships/add ons should be separate processes because:

  1. The booth sale is often made to the exhibit manager whose primary objective is to get into and out of the show at the least possible cost. Typically, this person's principle goal is to have a "hassle free" rather than a "successful" show.
  2. The sponsorships/add ons should be sold to the marketing or PR person whose objective is to have a successful show, in terms of sales, relationships, image, etc (actually, you should also try to involve this person in the booth sales process).
  3. Offering a package usually generates a demand for a large discount which could result in less revenue (than if the processes were separate).