Tip 73: Better Security

The reality is that there is probably more chance a meteor will hit your show than a terrorist will attack you. However, the perception among many prospects is that large gatherings are susceptible, so you must address this concern.

To improve the perception of security at your show, be sure you take visible steps such as:

Note there is an "unintended consequences" benefit of hightened security: the rampant theft problem at many shows will be reduced. To insure this happens, add guards to the loading dock and do random checks of containers going in and coming out. You will likely not find anything, which means you probably thwarted the bad guys (thieves as well as terrorists).

The Exposition Operations Society (EOS) has a 17-point checklist of security measures at shows. To obtain a copy, e-mail to Steve Schuldenfrei at sschuldenfrei@mediaone.net.