Tip 83: Plan Now for 2003

This year appears to be a loser for most shows. Average decline will be about 20% (but more for technology, less for bread & butter industries). Everyone is expending tremendous effort just keeping their head above water.

The economy is expected to recover by 2003, but you must act now to take advantage of the upturn. Most of us seem to have a 3 to 6-month horizon when we should be looking out 18 months. It takes that long to make strategic moves—and it is best to announce these changes at this year's show.

Some questions to ask: What is needed to make your show more of an Event in your industry? Should you change its name, co locate with another show, bring in new sponsors, move to a better location/date? Also, how do the show's benchmarks compare to similar shows?

For more on how to do a Strategic Review for your show (including 10 questions to ask), go to the Buyers Only section of the web site. See the White Papers.