Tip 87: Top Ten Reasons Why Shows Fail

Over the next two weeks, we will count down the top ten reasons why shows fail:

#10 - The sales people and/or the marketing staff do not know the market served by the show.

#9 - The powers that be (CEO, Board of Directors) decide to locate the show/convention in East Overshoe.

#8 - The show’s database (attendee and exhibitor) is neglected and not enough effort is put into continually feeding it and keeping it up to date.

#7 - The show emphasizes attendee quantity over quality. The show emphasizes attendee quality over quantity.

#6 - The major effort is spent promoting to prospects who will never come to the show rather than those who will (such as past attendees and inquirers).

(5 through 1 will be in next week's Tip.)