The first edition of The Profitable Trade Show by Michael Hough ...
is now sold out. But we are working on the next edition which we hope to publish in late 2004. Meanwhile, this web site provides practical, "how-to" information for all who produce face to face events such as exhibitions, trade shows and conferences.

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W1 - All is Not Well

W2 - Sample of a Memo to Content Partners

W3 - Ten Commandments for Speakers

W4 - 100 Tips in 75 Minutes

W5 - All About E-Newsletters

W6 - The Other Two Legs

W7 - Five Mistakes Associations Make

W8 - 15 Attendance Promotion Tips

W9 - Ten Questions to Ask When Considering a Launch

W10 - 15 Cost-Saving Tips

W11 - 15 E-Marketing Tips

W12 - Strategic Review of a Show

W13 - Launching a New Event

W14 - Avoiding Attrition Penalties

W15 - The Case Against Audits

W16 - Co-location for Fun and Profit

W17 - Improving the Association Show

W18 - International Attendance Promotion

W19 - Helping International Visitors Obtain Visas

W20 - Fixing the Machine

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All About E-Newsletters

Most shows send a regular e-newsletter to prospects who have given their permission via an opt-in process. Permission marketing means that prospects agree to receive your marketing materials. They say, "I want you to send me information on your show." Once they do this, they look forward to hearing from you -- and they are much more likely to attend the show.

Opt-in means the Web site visitor must check a box giving you permission to send information. You should include this opt-in statement on your site and on all inquiry and registrations forms:

(  ) Check here if you wish to receive periodic e-mail updates about Widget Expo.

Here are some tips on sending those follow up e-newsletters:

  • Consider upgrading from text-based to graphics-based (HTML). However, be careful not to get too fancy or it will lose the immediacy of e-mail.

  • Carefully identify who you are in the "from" line and also use a benefit-oriented "subject" line (such as "Bill Gates to Speak at Widget Expo").

  • Target the e-mail to the recipient by putting their name in the salutation. Also, personalize the body of the text, such as mentioning the recipient's firm.

  • Keep it short – no more than 200 words. Link to pages on your web site to give them more information.

  • Don’t look like a spammer – keep your tone friendly and informative. Avoid overblown language.

  • Say right up front -- "Here is the information you requested about Widget Expo."
  • Always offer a way to opt-out (that is, to tell you they do not wish to receive any further e-mails from you).
  • Retain this opt-out list so you do not inadvertently put them back on the list.
  • Never include an attachment to the e-mail. Always provide a link to the information.